honeymoon unforgettable

I'm so thankful that the concierge desk at the Hyatt Regency in Maui directed me to Divine Creations.  I was trying to create some romantic surprises for my wife on our honeymoon.  Because of COVID-19 the services from the hotel were limited but they said Divine did great work and has a relationship with the hotel so she would be allowed into our room accompanied by hotel staff while we were out at dinner.  Divine exceeded my expectations for both the deluxe bouquet in the room and a picnic on the beach near our hotel.  I purchased the deluxe bouquet for the room with flower petals, champagne and a flower crown to be placed in our room while we were at dinner.  When we showed up the room I was stunned by the small additions that I had not expected.  Divine has petals on the floor and the gift basket included locally produced chocolate covered macadamia nuts and cookies.  The champagne was also Maui produced pineapple champagne.  The second service that I purchased was a surprise beach picnic for my wife.  I expected a blanket and a selection of fruit and crackers, fresh coconuts, flower leis and a bottle of wine.  What I got was so much more.  Divine constructed a beautiful lace tent on the beach, with pillows and a small table.  In front of the tent the fruit and flowers were arranged as a work of art.  The fruit was meticulously cut and arranged.  The wine, crackers and even potato chips were all from local sources.  There were lots of flowers surrounding the tent to complete the scene.  I am thrilled with the work that Divine did and so thankful that she stayed a few minutes after we arrived to take video and pictures of the scene for us.  I would absolutely recommend Divine to anyone looking to create a special moment while in Maui.  Her attention to detail, flexibility (we were not on time for our surprise picnic), and her high quality work made me very happy.   Thank you Divine, my wife and I won't forget what you did to make our honeymoon unforgettable
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